Association Services

Picture of Chief Executive Officer

Reggie McCrary

Chief Executive Officer

About Reggie McCrary

Picture of Sr. Vice President, Association Management

Mary Gilbreath Pope

Sr. Vice President, Association Management

About Mary Gilbreath Pope

Picture of Director of Association Management

Bethany Barnett

Director of Association Management

About Bethany Barnett

Picture of Association Manager

Tami Brodie

Association Manager

About Tami Brodie

Picture of Association Coordinator

Claudia Bradley

Association Coordinator

About Claudia Bradley

Picture of Association Coordinator

Alfred Chambers

Association Coordinator

About Alfred Chambers

Picture of Association Coordinator

Michelle Lee

Association Coordinator

About Michelle Lee


Picture of Vice President, Strategic Development

Lindsey Pope

Vice President, Strategic Development

About Lindsey Pope

Picture of Membership Manager

Erin Lopez

Membership Manager

About Erin Lopez

Picture of Membership Specialist

Arleciah Woodruff

Membership Specialist

About Arleciah Woodruff

Picture of Information Specialist

Abigail Landsman

Information Specialist

About Abigail Landsman


Picture of Technology Director

Renee Beidler

Technology Director

About Renee Beidler

Picture of Design & Digital Marketing Manager

Lina Perez

Design & Digital Marketing Manager

About Lina Perez

Picture of Design & Marketing Specialist

Desteni White

Design & Marketing Specialist

About Desteni White

Picture of Digital Marketing Specialist

Casey Raschen

Digital Marketing Specialist

About Casey Raschen

Picture of Digital Marketing Specialist

Joe Sparkman

Digital Marketing Specialist

About Joe Sparkman

Picture of Digital Marketing Specialist

Meher Valechha

Digital Marketing Specialist

About Meher Valechha

Picture of Video Marketing Specialist

Lance Long

Video Marketing Specialist

About Lance Long


Picture of Sr. Vice President, Finance

Jackie Townsend

Sr. Vice President, Finance

About Jackie Townsend

Picture of Sr. Accounts Receivable Manager

Nathalie Hibbert

Sr. Accounts Receivable Manager

About Nathalie Hibbert

Picture of Accounts Payable Coordinator

Marcia Banks

Accounts Payable Coordinator

About Marcia Banks

Additional Team Members

Picture of Chief Resources Officer

Della Dandridge

Chief Resources Officer

About Della Dandridge

Picture of System Administrator

Germaine Tinsley

System Administrator

About Germaine Tinsley

Picture of Facilities Coordinator

Timeka Tucker

Facilities Coordinator

About Timeka Tucker